Infrastructure & Software  

Inhans is an IT Consultancy and Software Development company incorporated in May 2012. 

Choosing the right tools for the job is about knowledge and experience. However, the jobs need to be identified first. Our considerable experience in business analysis and requirements gathering ensures we work effectively with you to identify these tasks and agree an implementation framework that takes into full account your business goals and values. We avoid the one size fits all approach but instead seek to discover your unique attributes and then work out ways to assimilate that uniqueness into the solutions we propose.

We undertake full software development which will include requirements gathering, project scoping, design, functional specification, implementation, testing, release, support and maintenance. Our level of collaboration with your in-house or other representatives can be discussed and agreed.

We are very agile minded so this means that we will be flexible and mindful of the need to provide you tangible functional deliverables on a regular basis that is acceptable and realistic. Of course, being agile doesn’t mean we are slaves to methodology or any other latest fad. We employ methodologies that make sense given the context and requirement.

It’s about you!